Scrol up when input selected, no scroll down when input destroyed


I have a problem: In my app, I create “input type=text”. When they are focused, they go to the middle of the screen (I am testing with chromium, using the view that emulates an iPhone 5). When I call the event “blur”, they go down to their original position (which is good). WHen I click outside they also go down to the original position. However, when I programatically remove the input and its containing element, the screen does not “scroll down”, and text from there on just uses half the screen.

I am using ionic 1.4.0 (management decision, unlikely to change)

My questions are:
a) “Who” is responsible for this behavior? Where is it implemented?
b) How can I force the “come back down” behaviour?
c) If there is no way to do “b”, how can I deactivate ionic’s behaviour and implement my own?