Screenshot plugin


Hello every body,
I need your help about Screenshot plugin.

When I use this plugin I can save picture with his save method ( ) but when I save scrrenshot in gallery, backgroundcolor of picture is black. I read on internet, I must to put in config.xml but when i put that I can’t launch app; it’s don’t work.

where I saw this suggestion in end :

Someone can help me about this problem?

Thank you very munch


One topic for two problems is never a good idea. I will only reply to your first question, please edit your post and remove the second one and create another topic for that. Thank you.


What do you mean exactly? The background of what is black?

Where did you read what exactly?
What code changes did you make?


I want to say screenshot is black. I read about this problem on this page :, for this issue I must add this line in config.xml and when I do that app don’t launch.

Sorry for my english it is not good, I try to explain.


Please upload one of the black screenshot and one that is working. Then we can see what you mean.


this is image when camera is active, so when I click on button, app save the scrrenshot of last image but app don’t do that but save image with black color like that :

this is code of screenshot :


and this is config.xml :

Thank you for your help