Scanning QR code from an image folder

I want to scan a QR code whith is on image from the gallery.
p.s: not by camera but as choosing a folder from galery

Interesting problem.

The usual plugins and libraries all only provide a method to actually take a picture that contains a QR code. This is because the scanning is already part of the underlying library and native implementation, so they can’t really offer a “decode QR code in this image” exactly.

Can you test the image you have on here if this works: (note the photo camera button on the top right)

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Here is a JavaScript port of ZXing. I think you could use this to decode from an image that you write to a <canvas> element.


This is the method I wanted. How can I add this to my application. => is actually an implementation of which @rapropos also posted. So you can probably use this in your app.

There are multiple Angular versions of jsqrcode out there, unfortunately all I could find are for AngularJS and so for Ionic 1:

But I’m sure you can adapt these or if you search a bit more one for Angular will turn up.

Can you please any one help me to solve the QR code issue