Scandit barcode scanner plugin does not work in ionic-view

Has anybody ever try the following barcode scanner plugin?

Their sample app works just fine in the Iphone simulator (except the scanning for sure), but if i deploy it to the ionic-view, nothing happens. The cordova.exec method does not return with any results (no success, no failure), nor it shows an error message.

Unfortunately i still do not have an ios developer account, so i do not know, whether it works on a real device.

any comments would be highly appreciated

Ionic View doesn’t support this plugin. You should probably use one of the supported ones, there is also a barcode scanner available:

(I use the available one in a project myself and it works fine - also in Ionic View :slight_smile: )


Hi @Sujan12, I wonder if you know — is it just Ionic View that won’t support the plugin, or will the plugin not work in an app built on the Ionic Framework?

I’m using the Ionic CLI and have used the Cordova Barcode Scanner, but it just doesn’t do the job very well.

I also found the Scandit SDK and was considering using their Cordova/Phonegap Plugin in lieu of the existing Barcode Scanner in my app.

Is this possible?

Of course!

Ionic View is an app offered by Ionic where you can test your HTML and JS code with some limited plugins available so that you can also test these there. The plugins available are the most common ones. In your own Ionic app you can use all the Cordova plugins you want.

hello… you managed to use Scandit SDK in your app