Saving items in array and retrieving array in different page

I’m currently using Ionic4 and what I’m trying to do is a very basic task (I’m new to this and I’m trying to learn). Basically what I’m trying to do is:

  • use a Modal page to create a ‘contact’
  • Save that contact’s info into an array (, contact.phoneNumber, etc)
  • retrieve that data in another page and present it in a list

I’ve tried to follow a few tutorials but they all use Ionic 3 and require ViewController or NavParams which have been deprecated to my knowledge.

So where are you saving contact? or If you are saving using API, so you can retrieve by GET method

store them in ionic storage and fetch them in another page.

I’m also a novice but what if the two pages had parent-child relationship and you could use @Input decorator? Maybe someone could add on that.

I would suggest going through the Tour of Heroes, paying especially close attention to chapter 4 about services. That entire tutorial builds out an app very similar to what you describe.