Saving image to firebase storage issue

When i send images to Firebase storage it’s keep loading and doesn’t show anything and all the images size the same “15 b”. It gives me empty images and when I try to open the download URL, it show nothing:

function uploadPicture(options) {
var sourceFileName=""
var sourceDirectory=""

   $cordovaCamera.getPicture(options).then(function (sourcePath) {
    var sourceDirectory = sourcePath.substring(0, sourcePath.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
    var sourceFileName = sourcePath.substring(sourcePath.lastIndexOf('/') + 1, sourcePath.length);
    sourceFileName = sourceFileName.split('?')[0];
    $cordovaFile.copyFile(sourceDirectory, sourceFileName, cordova.file.dataDirectory, sourceFileName)
    .then(function (success) {
         $scope.uploadedImage = cordova.file.dataDirectory + sourceFileName;
          // success - get blob data
          var imageBlob = new Blob([success], { type: "image/png" });
          alert (sourceFileName)
         return saveToFirebase(imageBlob, sourceFileName);
         }).then(function (_responseSnapshot) {
      // we have the information on the image we saved, now 
      // let's save it in the realtime database
      return saveReferenceInDatabase(_responseSnapshot)

     }, function (error) {

  }, function (err) {