Saving image in filesystem does not show images in Photo Library (iOS)

I am currently using Filesystem API from Capacitor (Using Capacitor V4).

I was able to save the image from both iOS and Android. For android, the image that is being saved is being shown in Gallery, but for iOS it is not showing even though the image is saved under the my Apps folder. I saw an issue at github that says it does not really show the image in Photo Library in iOS, the issue is closed way back 2020. Is it still the case for Capacitor - V4 or they resolved it?

When you take a picture using the Camera plugin, you can use the saveToGallery option, that will save the picture in the library, but images written using the Filesystem don’t get saved to the gallery because the gallery and the Filesystem are different things, Filesystem is private to your app, Gallery is a OS place where you can put public images.

It’s not a bug, so there is nothing to resolve, if you want to write images in the Gallery you have to use a specific plugin for that feature.

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Hi @julio-ionic, currently I am not using the camera plugin to generate the image. I am converting a part of my DOM to image using a plugin.

Does capacitor have this plugin? Or I need to use the plugin from capacitor-community?

the capacitor-community one

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