Saving image from base64togallery

this.base64ToGallery[‘base64ToGallery’](this.photonew, { prefix: ‘_img’ }).then(
res => console.log('Saved image to gallery ', res),
err => console.log('Error saving image to gallery ', err)

Argument of type ‘{ prefix: string; }’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘Base64ToGalleryOptions’.
Property ‘mediaScanner’ is missing in type ‘{ prefix: string; }’.

Hi, are you taking the photo from camera, or picking it from file chooser?

i want to save the image for both cases

Any solution? I have the same issue.


this.base64ToGallery.base64ToGallery(this.dwnloadUrl, { prefix: '_img', mediaScanner: true }).then(
      res => console.log('Saved image to gallery:', res),
      err => console.log('Error saving image to gallery:', err)

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