Save data gotten form ion-input using localstorage

I am trying to store data gotten from ion-input inside local storage so as to keep the data when i refresh the page and also use it in another page

how can i do this??

If i shud click on the add (fab) button, it takes me to a page to input some my task and description

I have typed in my task description. when i click save task, it passes the task to the mainpage and display the description.

Uploading… . but if i should refresh the mainpage, the information will be lost.

so how can i save it in a local storage

A better pattern for in-app communication is to make a mutually injected service provider. Storage should only be used to communicate between runs of the app (or pause/resume), otherwise you end up with a host of subtle nasty race conditions.

I later found a way to solve thuis. Thanks