SASS: problem to override color for bar


Hey, I installed SASS and followed the tutorial here

First, as it was said in another post I had to put the @import below my code (not at the top as mentioned in the tutorial).
Then just to check if everything was alright, I set the $balanced to another color. Fine it worked!

But now I have some issue to change the color of the bar-balanced. In _bar.css I noticed the

  &.bar-balanced {
    @include bar-style($bar-balanced-bg, $bar-balanced-border, $bar-balanced-text);

So in my own app.scss I went with

$bar-balanced-bg: #516634;

But the color didn’t change in my app. I used @debug, and clearly the color is still the $balanced, and not the one I declared in $bar-balanced.

I don’t quite understand why.
Is someone has an idea about that?



OK…I found a way to do it, and I clearly created a topic too early.
I will give my response in this topic: Override scss variables?

Sorry about that guys