Same header for all pages


I would like to have the same header for all pages.

Whats the best way to do it without having to repeat the html + code in all pages.



That is a question i am also interested in. If there is a concept for default layouting, like the same footer & Header on multiple pages. But with the possibility to override them.


Having a different header for each page is a design decision we’ve made.
In Ionic 1, a common issue was that having a single header/navbar wasn’t flexible enough for people.
You couldn’t really do anything dynamic like change header color, and animations were very difficult to coordinate.

The way ionic 2 handles things now is much better.


If you would like to have the same header any way see these answers:


yeah and i think the solution will destroy navbar handling :wink:


The way I did this was by creating a new component to be my header. I just pass the title I want to show.


Yes but now header flickers between page transitions, how to prevent that?