Runtime Error Class extends value [object Object] is not a constructor or null

After importing a node module i get

TypeError: Class extends value [object Object] is not a constructor or null

the code that sits in the module is…

'use strict';

let version = require('../package.json').version;
let Config = require('./braintree/config').Config;
let Environment = require('./braintree/environment').Environment;
let BraintreeGateway = require('./braintree/braintree_gateway').BraintreeGateway;
let errorTypes = require('./braintree/error_types').errorTypes;

let Transaction = require('./braintree/transaction').Transaction;

let CreditCard = require('./braintree/credit_card').CreditCard;
let PayPalAccount = require('./braintree/paypal_account').PayPalAccount;
let AndroidPayCard = require('./braintree/android_pay_card').AndroidPayCard;
let ApplePayCard = require('./braintree/apple_pay_card').ApplePayCard;
let VenmoAccount = require('./braintree/venmo_account').VenmoAccount;
let CoinbaseAccount = require('./braintree/coinbase_account').CoinbaseAccount;
let AmexExpressCheckoutCard = require('./braintree/amex_express_checkout_card').AmexExpressCheckoutCard;
let VisaCheckoutCard = require('./braintree/visa_checkout_card').VisaCheckoutCard;
let MasterpassCard = require('./braintree/masterpass_card').MasterpassCard;

let CreditCardVerification = require('./braintree/credit_card_verification').CreditCardVerification;
let Subscription = require('./braintree/subscription').Subscription;
let MerchantAccount = require('./braintree/merchant_account').MerchantAccount;
let PaymentInstrumentTypes = require('./braintree/payment_instrument_types').PaymentInstrumentTypes;
let WebhookNotification = require('./braintree/webhook_notification').WebhookNotification;
let TestingGateway = require('./braintree/testing_gateway').TestingGateway;
let ValidationErrorCodes = require('./braintree/validation_error_codes').ValidationErrorCodes;

let CreditCardDefaults = require('./braintree/test/credit_card_defaults').CreditCardDefaults;
let CreditCardNumbers = require('./braintree/test/credit_card_numbers').CreditCardNumbers;
let MerchantAccountTest = require('./braintree/test/merchant_account').MerchantAccountTest;
let Nonces = require('./braintree/test/nonces').Nonces;
let TransactionAmounts = require('./braintree/test/transaction_amounts').TransactionAmounts;

let connect = config => new BraintreeGateway(new Config(config)); // eslint-disable-line func-style
let Test = {
  CreditCardDefaults: CreditCardDefaults,
  CreditCardNumbers: CreditCardNumbers,
  MerchantAccountTest: MerchantAccountTest,
  Nonces: Nonces,
  TransactionAmounts: TransactionAmounts

module.exports = {
  connect: connect,
  version: version,
  Environment: Environment,
  errorTypes: errorTypes,

  Transaction: Transaction,

  CreditCard: CreditCard,
  PayPalAccount: PayPalAccount,
  AndroidPayCard: AndroidPayCard,
  ApplePayCard: ApplePayCard,
  VenmoAccount: VenmoAccount,
  CoinbaseAccount: CoinbaseAccount,
  AmexExpressCheckoutCard: AmexExpressCheckoutCard,
  VisaCheckoutCard: VisaCheckoutCard,
  MasterpassCard: MasterpassCard,

  CreditCardVerification: CreditCardVerification,
  Subscription: Subscription,
  MerchantAccount: MerchantAccount,
  PaymentInstrumentTypes: PaymentInstrumentTypes,
  WebhookNotification: WebhookNotification,
  TestingGateway: TestingGateway,
  ValidationErrorCodes: ValidationErrorCodes,

  Test: Test

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Does the error message point you to a specific line?

What leads you to believe that this code is compatible with Ionic or Angular?

I used another node module from the same author and it worked fine.

But I see that this one wont be so simple by the look of the code.

I’m wondering if anyone knows a solution for this.

I would very much like to keep using ionic.

Does anyone know what the error message means?

I think i can work a solution if i knew what it meant.

Definitely a strange one. I would google and read all the SO responses.

This here could be relevant:

Are you on a system with case-sensitive file names?

had trouble finding them. typed in ionic framework so responses. Couldn’t find anything.

What does SO stand for?

Sorry, SO = Stack Overflow.

I searched. I currently have not found a solution for this particular error message.

I think it has something to do with trying to call the arrow function, “connect” (which is in the node package file i illustrated earlier) from within the ts file.

import * as braintree from 'braintree';
gateway: any;
this.gateway = braintree.connect({
      environment:  braintree.Environment.Sandbox,
      merchantId:   'personalMerchantId',
      publicKey:    'personalPublicKey',
      privateKey:   'personalPrivateKey'

Did you ever find a solution to this?

I have not found a solution yet. Thank you for showing interest on here and on Stack Overflow. Hopefully soon.

Also please join my chatroom on StackOverflow for all things Ionic related.

I have spoken with many braintree employees (because many of them would just dance around the topic) and finally came to the understanding that the braintree node package was just not written for the ionic/angular framework.

the code provided by the braintree documentation is meant to sit on a server (the backend) which you must then access through an api that you develop on your client project (the frontend).

This is a much more secure way of connecting to braintree and how the braintree developers would prefer us to connect.