Running on Browser vs Running on Device

Halo , I was upgrade ionic and node.js. this make my app run so bad. If I run on browser, $ work properly, but when my app run on device(android) $ was error. url use not use https. but, before I upgrade the version node.js and ionic, my app work properly. have an suggest for solution?

Show us your current versions of the frameworks (ionic, cordova, node).

Sounds like a security issue. Do you have the white-list plugin included? And if you are testing on iOS consider this topic:

The part with “app transport security”

there is tutorial for ios, I don’t have device. I run on android. but this case was solved. I’ve stuck in this problem for 2 day, but I never try remove and add again android platform. recently I’v try this in console _$ ionic platform remove android and _$ ionic platform add android… I think the problem is some old plugin can’t run at node.js newest version. thanks :smile: