Run ionic 4 on ios device

Hi, I’m trying to run new ionic 4 app on my own ios device using Capacitor, when click on start the App on Xcode the build has been failed because of those error:
/app/node_modules/@capacitor/ios/ios/Capacitor/Capacitor/Plugins/BackgroundTask.swift:8:98: Type ‘UIApplication’ has no member ‘willTerminateNotification’
app/node_modules/@capacitor/ios/ios/Capacitor/Capacitor/Plugins/BackgroundTask.swift:13:46: Type ‘UIBackgroundTaskIdentifier’ (aka ‘Int’) has no member ‘invalid’
/app/node_modules/@capacitor/ios/ios/Capacitor/Capacitor/Plugins/Accessibility.swift:16:16: Use of unresolved identifier ‘UIAccessibility’

How can resolve this problem please ?
I’m using Xcode 9.4.1 and ionic 4 and capacitor

It is required that you use Xcode 10 or higher with Capacitor: