Rtl in Ionic v4

Is there a way to set direction for rtl in Ionic 4?

On Ionic 3, it was:
this.platform.setDir(‘rtl’, true);

But now I can’t seem to find a replacement to this command.


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seems like it is still not added to ionic 4 yet. hopefully they do this soon.

hope this will help you

document.documentElement.dir = "rtl";

Did you find an answer how to use it in SCSS in ionic 4? are it fixed?

before i hade an if in my css but in ionic 4 no support for that.

I have decided to build my project with V3 until V4 will be ready for production.

RTL Support has been shipped in Ionic v4-rc.2 last week

Dear Reedrichards,

I find the version but how do i update to rc2 ?
I have Ionic V4-rc.1 and downloaded the packed from git. but how do i install it?
I Am new at this so please help me with this, please.

You have a couple of options, one for example is to remove the current one and fetch/install the last

Like if you use Ionic Angular

npm remove @ionic/angular --save
npm install @ionic/angular --save

Pay always attention to the CHANGELOG of Ionic in order to be sure that you install and Chang what’s needed

Hey, I cant find any reference that this was fixed in any release. Can you link it or something?

I couldn’t find it any where in the change log.

NVM, found it: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/releases/tag/v4.0.0-rc.2