Routing and nested views


Hi people,
i’m learning angular and ionic. For a start i’m trying to develop an app that will show some events (in future downloaded from a database). What i try to do is to show a view with 2 tabs - on both i want to show events but on first tab should be just a list with events and on another calendar with marked events. Besides that I would like to have slide in menu which seems not to be a problem. Every event should have detailed view after click. Right now I faild on routing and views. What i created you can see here:

I read some tutorials but it seems i don’t quite get how routing works. It would be great if you could explain what to correct and why. So I created some controllers and views but here I thing nothing special is. What my logic is that at the begining app will show index.html, because there is routing to events/list in app.js in case non of the states would fit i expected to see event-list.html. But nothing there. Basically at first i thought that events.html will be loaded first because of the nested views and just than nav-view will be filled with template from the state. Please correct my thinking about this :smile: