RouterOutlet wiring and Menu off-screen hiding

This is a routing I came up supporting tricky contextual authentication and numerous pages.
And I am having a trouble with assigning proper ids around, so I kept it main to be safe :smiley:

My main container renders this:

                <IonContent id="main">
                    <IonSplitPane contentId="main">
                        <IonMenu contentId="main" type="overlay">

                        <IonPage id={"main"}>
                            {, key) => (
                                <Route path={prop.layout + prop.path} component={prop.component} key={key} />
                            <Route exact path={`/home/profile`} component={ProfilePage} />
                            {/*<Redirect exact from={`/`} to={"/home/profile"} />*/}

And every and each page starts with, yes, with redundant on top

                    <IonButtons slot="start">
                        <IonMenuButton />


What do you think I could improve here with id contentId properties ?
Is there anything that could be contributing to the bug where I can’t tap off-menu to close it ?
Happy New Year everybody!

Answered my own question with this:
Good documentation !