Router in Vannila JS: fire function on load?

Hi, I’m using Ionic Router without a JS framework developing for Android.

When the first page loads, I want to populate a div (inside the first-page web component) with data using the cordova sqlite plugin.
At first I had problems accessing the element because it’s not yet there on the connectedCallback.
But I got around this by using the ‘ionRouteDidChange’ event and this works fine coming from another page.
However, on first load (after spalsh screen), on ‘ionRouteDidChange’ the content is not there. Is there any event i can use where my web component is surely loaded?

Thanks in advance! I add code snippets down here

    <ion-route url="/" component="page-one"></ion-route>
    <ion-route url="/page-two" component="page-two"></ion-route>
class PageOne extends HTMLElement {
        this.innerHTML = `[...]`;

note: I also tried inserting HTML using constructor(), same result

customElements.define('page-one', PageOne);

document.querySelector('ion-router').addEventListener('ionRouteDidChange', function (){
    if (document.querySelector('#sqllist') != null){