Ripple displaying for specific platform (look and feel) in "CHROME" browser

Hi there,

I have managed to get everything setup and running “ionic emulate android” my tabs appear at the top, and also using “ionic serve” and forcing the change of the mobile device in chrome developer tools, this is good, according to the documentation this is what should happen on android.

But when running “ripple emulate” the icons always appear at the bottom. It is as if its stuck in the standard ios display mode. This problem only occurs in google chrome.

I notice when running “ripple emulate” and changing the phone type i.e. Nexus 4 or Iphone then the correct CSS class is inserted into the body but the tabs do not change position.

in fact running “ripple emulate” does not show any apparent difference between Nexus and iphone. I have of course done an

ionic platform add ios
ionic platform add android

and using a specific ionic build “platform” where platform is = android or ios depending on which I want to use.

The problem is that using the desktop browser using ripple emulate, the screens always look the same. There is no different what so ever changing between ios and android apart from the resolution seems to change.

I was hoping to be able to debug on the standard browser in an ios or android “look and feel” so I didn’t have to emulate all the time.

I know I must be doing something wrong.

I can of course go to chrome developer tools and force the change in the developer tools that my mobile device is a nexus 4 and that seems to fix it, but I thought ripple was supposed to take care of this ?

Can anyone lend a hand.

Thanks in advance.

After some testing, the problem persists but this problem is only evident in Google Chrome. In safari it works.

Google chrome I do not have developer tools open so I am not using “emulate” mobile device.

But the look and feel never changes. I have to open developer tools to force the viewport change in the emulate tab.

Using Safari works without issue.

Anyone know whats going on ?

Its as if Google Chrome is applying a viewport change even with developer tools closed.

Hmm, this maybe a ripple specific issue, and less of an ionic issue.
You may want to open an issue on their issue tracker.

Thanks, yes I think its not really ionic specific, just wondered if anyone else had seen the issue.

I will look at posting an issue, thanks for the link.