Right way to build a Ion Slides

my welcome.page.ts

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';

import { NavController, NavParams, IonSlides } from '@ionic/angular';


  selector: 'page-welcome',

  templateUrl: 'welcome.page.html',

  styleUrls: ['welcome.page.scss'],


export class WelcomePage implements OnInit {

  welcomeSlides = [];

  sliderConfig = {

    initialSlide: 1,

    speed: 400,

    centeredSlides: true


  welcomeSlidesData = [


      title: "Ajude o meio ambiente",

      description: "<b>Seja consciente</b> e descarte corretamente os seus resíduos recicláveis.",

      image: "assets/img/slides/slide-1.png",



      title: "Apoie a comunidade",

      description: "<b>Ajude</b> os coletores, cooperativas e entidades beneficentes.",

      image: "assets/img/slides/slide-2.png",



      title: "É fácil e rápido",

      description: "<b>Faça seu cadastro</b> e encontre coletores ou pontos de coleta mais próximos.",

      image: "assets/img/slides/slide-3.png",



  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public navParams: NavParams, public slides: IonSlides) {


  ngOnInit() {

    this.welcomeSlides = this.getSlides();


  getSlides() {

    return this.welcomeSlidesData;








  ionViewDidLoad() {

    console.log('ionViewDidLoad WelcomePage');



my welcome.page.html


    <ion-slides #WelcomeSlides pager="true" [options]="sliderConfig" (ionSlideDidChange)="SlideDidChange(sliderOne,slideWithNav)">
      <ion-slide *ngFor="let slide of welcomeSlides">
          <ion-buttons end>
            <ion-button color="secondary" navPush="RequestPermissionsPage">Pular</button>
        <img [src]="slide.image" class="slide-image"/>
        <h2 class="slide-title" [innerHTML]="slide.title"></h2>
        <p [innerHTML]="slide.description"></p>
        <ion-button outline color="secondary" routerLink="slideNext()">
          <ion-buttons end>
            <ion-button clear icon-end color="secondary" navPush="RequestPermissionsPage">
              <ion-icon name="arrow-forward"></ion-icon>
        <img src="assets/img/slides/slide-4.png" class="slide-image"/>
        <h2 class="slide-title">Conheça mais</h2>
        <p><b>Faça seu cadastro,</b> descarte e doe para coletores, cooperativas e ONGs.</p>
        <ion-button outline color="secondary" navPush="RequestPermissionsPage">
          Começar agora

how to fix to build successfull

So what is the build error?

to you seems right this code? with ionic 5? ionic serve return blank page

core.js:24128 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined
    at registerNgModuleType (core.js:24128)
    at core.js:24139
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at registerNgModuleType (core.js:24139)
    at new NgModuleFactory$1 (core.js:24236)
    at compileNgModuleFactory__POST_R3__ (core.js:27779)
    at PlatformRef.bootstrapModule (core.js:28017)
    at Module../src/main.ts (main.ts:11)
    at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap:84)
    at Object.0 (wp-posts.ts:16)
registerNgModuleType @ core.js:24128
(anonymous) @ core.js:24139
registerNgModuleType @ core.js:24139
NgModuleFactory$1 @ core.js:24236
compileNgModuleFactory__POST_R3__ @ core.js:27779
bootstrapModule @ core.js:28017
./src/main.ts @ main.ts:11
__webpack_require__ @ bootstrap:84
0 @ wp-posts.ts:16
__webpack_require__ @ bootstrap:84
checkDeferredModules @ bootstrap:45
webpackJsonpCallback @ bootstrap:32
(anonymous) @ main.js:1
:4200/assets/icon/favicon.png:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

now return this error, this error i don’t know how fix