Right side menu opens when clicking menu link in left side menu

We have a strange bug in our project where the right side menu opens when clicking the first link in the left side menu. The menu item looks more or less like this…

<ion-item ng-repeat="REPEATEXPRESSION'" nav-direction="swap" menu-close="" href="#/app/LINK1" class="item-icon-right item item-complex INTERNALCLASSES"><a class="item-content ng-binding" ng-href="#/app/LINK1" href="#/app/LINK1"> <i class="icon ICON1"></i> CAPTION1 </a></ion-item>

There are no JS errors… I’m rather unsure about the origin of this behavior so if anyone has any suggestions on where to look for a solution I would appreciate it.


add ion side menu

 <ion-side-menu side="left">
<ion -item>

Yeah, no… That snippet I posted is just the first item in the side menu…


... ... `


i think you did’nt get my point here is what u need

    <ion-side-menus enable-menu-with-back-views="true">

<ion-nav-buttons side="left">
<button class="button button-icon button-clear ion-navicon" menu-toggle="left">
<ion-side-menu side="left">

<ion-item nav-clear menu-close>

Yeah sry, still don’t get it. Could you elaborate a little, please?