Reusing Views Across Tabs


I’m new to the forum. I’ve been working with ionic for almost a year now. I’ve had a continuous problem with routing and hoping someone can help me or point me to the right direction.

In my application I’ve set up tab navigation. It works great. I have some pages that are re-used throughout multiple tabs. Currently all of my tabs and pages that are reused are siblings within the tab routing module. I found out that if I have my route like this tabs/tab1 and tabs/tab1/detail the route with detail is considered a child route and default animation is there when I navigate to and from details within tab1. Also swipe to navigate back works flawlessly. However I’m unable to achieve either of those things with sibling routes.

So if I want default swipe to navigate back my only option is to make a shared page into a child route? The Reusing views across tabs section of this page Angular Navigation: How Routing & Redirects Work in Angular Apps ( describes exactly what I’m trying to achieve but doesn’t contain any examples. I don’t want to do a child route for each shared page because I already have atleast 3 and I know this number will grow as my application provides more functionality. Also it’s a PWA and I don’t want to have a URL like tabs/tab1/detail and tabs/tabs2/detail for going to the same detail page. I also looked at Spotify and their URLs. If I go to an artists page, it’s always regardless of whether I get to the artist from home or search. I would like to implement something similar with ionic. Is this possible?