Retrieve data from firebase

Cannot display data from firebase (realtime).
Getting error Object Object.

My Database


    (+) 0XJiBv8IOMbroaG0a43fdvbkUtT2
    (+) 0f9wKVBAKefF28jwLB2o8lKjni03
    (-) 0gUdjDEkg7gPI7fYgiu12r3GoYD3
          (-)  -L4M1N3RdBuoSMqVGlXS
                info1: 15155
                info2: "AM3 CPUs and dual channel DDR3 RAM"
          (-)  -L8CvlZnNjXKAQQ6N6fB
                info1: 15145
                info2: "ATI Radeon HD 4250 GPU video playback capability"
          (-)  -L3rr0b2ItLYzGJSzxD2
                info1: 12345
                info2: "the Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H guarantees"
    (+) 2HHkdOTH6tUCevXTW22EnpO9IOC2


export class HomePage {
   shoppingItems: FirebaseListObservable<any[]>;
   constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public firebaseProvider: FirebaseProvider) { 
      this.shoppingItems = this.firebaseProvider.getShoppingItems();


      <ion-item-sliding *ngFor="let item of shoppingItems">
          {{ item.info2 }}


  getShoppingItems() {

              this.userId = '0gUdjDEkg7gPI7fYgiu12r3GoYD3';
              this.url = '/shoppingitems/'+ this.userId;            

              const afList = this.afd.list(this.url);
              this.listObservable = afList.snapshotChanges();
              return this.listObservable;

Anyone like to help me please!

Everywhere I can see Firestore examples. But I want to continue with firebase realtime, as Firestore is not ready yet.
Need to recreate my existing app urgently.

All the code examples looks like not working, because angularfire etc updated.

Finally I got some clue from
and able to make my code working :smiley:

Oops!!! again, cannot create apk