Retina full size project (iPad 2048*1536)

Hi, guys!

I really need to show some of views inside of my App in full retina size with scale==1.

It means, for example, that WebViews’s viewport should have resolution 2048px*1536px in case of iPad Air2.

In that case, with default ionic stylesheets, my start view looks like:

In the same time, when viewport is 1024px*768px for the same iPad view looks normal:

The easiest fix ‘scale up twice entire body’ with css: {transform: scale(2);} leads to ugly view.


  1. Is there support in default ionic’s v1 stylesheet for real retina resolution?
  2. If not, may be there short way to achieve this without rewriting all stylesheets of ionic?
  3. Will ionic v2 support retina resolution (by means of ‘min-devicepixel-ratio: 1.5’ or something else)?