Restrict Input

Hi all,
I need help, i am stucked i want to restrict inputs to specific patterns.
i have an input for email i don’t want to allow user to input special characters except “@_-.” .
similarly i don’t want to allow user to input alphabets in .

the real challenge is android because event.preventDefault() doesn’t fires on keyup and keydown,keypress returns wrong keycode,charcode.

i need valid solution for both platforms ios and android.

use custom validation with regex

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thanks sir,
i am currently using this for validation but my question is can i restrict inputs…?? can i avoid user to write alphabets in field.

you can try
<ion-input type="number"> but i dont know if it works, havent tested that one
also check other input options

thanks sir,

In input type=“number” we can type “e” and “.” . the only way i found is through key events.but there is a big mess with key events in android keypress and keydown returns first value empty and on the other side keyup returns first value but on keyup function preventDefault doesn’t works.

if you want only numbers you can use “tel” so there will be only a telephone call keyboard

:slight_smile: currently i am using “tel” but on some android phones like samsung user can easily switch keyboard and type whatever he this solution also fails.

@FnnHuman is there any proper solution for my problem…?? i can share code if you ask

I have been asking same for a while and i have got no replies. I didnt want the user to enter “.” in an input field but so far no luck. I am just forced to display the user an error.


Split two-way binding is one way of doing this.

Paste should be disabled at first, followed by, keyup event should be listened with a method.
In .html file

<ion-input type="tel"
onpaste=“return false;”

In .ts file

keyUpChecker(ev) {
let elementChecker: string;
let format = /[ !~@#$%^&*()_+×÷°-={N}[]{};’:"\|,.<>/?]/;
elementChecker =;
if (format.test(elementChecker)) {
this.myVariable= elementChecker.slice(0, -1);

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/[ !~@#$%^&*()_+×÷°-={N}{};’:"|,.<>/?]/;

above expression is invalid in ionic 4