Restarting the application when I'm no longer on it

Hello, I have a problem with my application. Indeed, as soon as I leave the application, if I come back after a time spent in sleep mode or other application and I go back on it, it will restart with the splash screen ect …

I would like to go back on the application directly without that recharging it completely as do a lot of application …?

(Clarification: If I leave the application and return soon after, it works it does not restart but returns directly where I was.)

Thank you for helping me !

Imagine you’re an OS developer. How would you achieve this without having infinite memory?


The OS closes them to save memory, It has nothing to do with the application.

You could try to decrease your startup time.
Maybe there is also an option to prioritize your app to not be closed by the os first?

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Thank you for your answers.

Indeed I tried to understand and I concluded that, so I tried to put the plugin “Background mode” ( but no change …
Several days that I try to find an option or other to increase the duration before we need to relight the application but I can not do it …

The application turns on very quickly it’s just disturbing to have to turn on an application every time we leave this one! : /

How much ram does your device have?
Do you close the app completely or do you leave it on and just switch apps?

You could save the spot where the user left by saving it periodically in a localstorage var.
And if its opened again, you can ask the user if he wants to continue where he left off with a toast or an alert etc.

Whats your app about? Why Its important to keep it at its state in background?

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My device has 2 ram but this is not the problem as the other application opens again without restarting completely!

Nothing important it is just that all applications are like that and that when you change between a lot of applications you have to restart each time …

I do not close the application completely just I leave and I navigate on my laptop or I put it on standby and when I came back on applications in the background and I click on mine, it starts again