REST Auth with Ionic 2 Token?


I have basic Ionic 2 Auth set up and working; users can sign up and login and they stay logged in.

I am using a custom MongoDB for most of my app’s content. I would like only users who are authenticated to be able to make calls to my custom API. Thusly, I’m thinking sending the token (using user.getToken()) to the API will be the best bet.

How do I check if a token is valid for Ionic on a custom node/express server?

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JWT is your best bet here.

Thank you, I was starting to get that impression too. Is it possible to use with basic Ionic auth? Rather, what I need to know is can I just pass the token from client -> server and do some sort of magic IonicCloud JWT verification that it’s legit?

I’m assuming this must be some service I’m not familiar with, so no clue, sorry.

Ionic 2 Auth Service?

For anyone who finds this thread the answer can be found here: