$resource http response status code 0?


I’m working on a cordova app using ionic and angular. I’ve been using $resource to make rest requests to a MVC Web Api project that I’m hosting. Everything has been working great and I’ve had no issues with performing rest requests. All of a sudden today, the rest requests are erroring almost immediately and when catching the error, the status code is 0 and the status text is “” when using the app on my android phone. What makes it really weird is that they still work when I hit the app using Chrome on my desktop machine. Has anyone experienced this issue before or know what this status code/text combo signifies?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi calebsandfort,

I have the same problem, have you figured out a solution? I’ve been troubleshooting like crazy with no success. I don’t think it’s a CORS issue because that is configured properly on the server.