(RESOLVED) What's better format to save image in Firestore?

What’s type to save imagem in Firestore, base64 or another … ?

Why not save image to firebase storage And save The download url to firestore?

I’ve trying to get url image, but not success, can you help me?

  upload(user: User) {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      const fileRef = this.storage.ref('users/' + user.id + ".jpg");
      const uploadTask = fileRef.putString(user.avatar).then(function(snapshot) {
      }, err => {
      uploadTask.then(() => {

Dont use function. Only fat arrow

Not sure if that solves it

This is my working code

	uploadBase64(folder: string, name: string, base64: string) {
		const path = `${folder}/${Date.now()}_${name}`; // full path file
		const ref = this.storage.ref(path);

		const task = ref.putString(base64, 'data_url'); // upload task
		return this.getDownloadUrl(task, ref);

	private getDownloadUrl(uploadTask: AngularFireUploadTask, ref: AngularFireStorageReference): Observable<string> {
		return from(uploadTask).pipe(switchMap(() => ref.getDownloadURL()));

So you can call this function to other function

	async upload() {
		const url = await this.uploadBase64('thumb', 'image.jpg', 'data:image/jpeg;base64,...').toPromise();

And of course you can access with normal observable

	upload() {
		this.uploadBase64('thumb', 'image.jpg', 'data:image/jpeg;base64,...').subscribe(url => {
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Very very good, thanks my friend, its work perfect, contratulations!

The code marked as the solution here should only be used for small images, because base64 costs an extra 33% of bandwidth for no good reason. A better way to do this in general, and especially for large images, is to use FormData and a Blob.

all right, in my case, I had to use a small image to put in the user’s avatar, thanks for watching

If you want upload file instead of base64, change const task to

const task = ref.put(file);

or you can see other upload method at: https://firebase.google.com/docs/storage/web/upload-files

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thanks for your help friend!

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