[Resolved] Ionic 2: displaying issue on IOS

I am building an Ionic 2 app with Angular 2. I have an issue only on one page of my app only on IOS. Only the visible part of page is loaded (SEE ISSUE). Someone already had this kind of displaying issue and know how to fix it?

Is this real device or simulator?
Does the problem also exist when you test in browser or on Android?
Did you remote debug the web view to see what is happening while nothing is displayed?
Is the image maybe super big and only scaled down?

It’s a real device (iPhone 5C IOS 10.0.1) it also occurs on simulator (on all iPhones IOS 10.3.1) and also on IonicView on IOS. The problem doesn’t exist when I test the app: on browser, on android simulator, on android device, on IonicView on android. So the problem is only exists on IOS. I don’t have any errors in browser/Xcode console when testing it. It occurs whith all the images and even if I don’t display an image. Any ideas? Thanks

Very curious. Can you provide us the code of the template you built?

My bad, the problem was the image. To fix my problem i used <preload-image> instead of <background-image>.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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