Rerender template

Is it possible to rerender a sidemenu bases on a template. Some items in the menu can change during the use of the app bases on changes the user made.

what does change in the side menu? links or anything other?
if its link you could use ng-repeat and save the link in an array.

Some items have ng-show=“Mode == 5” directrives. I want those items to dynamicaaly show and hide depending on mode.

well this is even more easier

see here:

Thanks for the quick reply. This is the behavior I want indeed. And thats the way I know it should work. There must be another problem with my code. Maybe I have to do $scope$apply or some like that. I have to do some more investigation. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

it could be possible that the side menu is not in the same controller scope?
so this would mean your working with 2 different variables?..