Requires a provisioning profile with the Push Notifications feature


Hi forum,

I have an issue building my ionic app on iOS.
If I run the release build command, the archive succeeds but the export fails with this error:

error: exportArchive: “” requires a provisioning profile with the Push Notifications feature.

Error Domain=IDEProvisioningErrorDomain Code=9 ““” requires a provisioning profile with the Push Notifications feature.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=“” requires a provisioning profile with the Push Notifications feature., NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=Add a profile to the “provisioningProfiles” dictionary in your Export Options property list.}


The provisioning profile definitely has the push notification service:

The capability is enabled in xcode:

I can still build the app in xcode with no errors but I find push notifications are not working anymore!

My build environment:

ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.20.0
ionic1 1.3.3
ios 4.5.3
XCode 9.3

It looks like some file is being misconfigured for cordova but I have not idea what to do.
I deleted all my certs/profiles and re-created, updated xcode and cordova-ios to the latest.
Also tried downgrading xcode but was not compatible with my iphone so it was not worth it.

Anyone come across this? Its pretty frustrating!



I’m still getting this error on CLI but I got notifications working again. I recretaed my cert, auth key and provisioning profile, deleted and setup everything again in FCM. I just do a ionic cordova prepare and build the app in xcode.

I’m pretty sure the problem is current version of cordova-ios is not updating something!


I’m really tired of those unexpected and non-deterministic errors of hybrid app development, and I’m not surprised anymore seeing a problem is being fixed magically when you restart your computer, remove the ios platform and then re-add the ios platform. Really sad of losing countless valuable hours trying to solve silly issues that occur randomly.

P.S. Nothing is random or non-deterministic in programming, everything has a reason but they’re also random from the aspect of a programmer who expects things to just work.


Ahh gardaşım benim sorma.


Thank you gardaşım. You relieved me of my suffering :slight_smile:


Hi, I have the same issue. Do you solved this ? If is positive, could you put the solution here ?

Thans in advance


Hi, did anyone managed to solve this this? im facing the same issue


I’m also getting this… anybody can shed a light on this issue?