Requests cancelling issue in WKWebView

Hi there! Ionic is a great thing - like to use it!

I’ve updated to the latest Ionic release and trying to make it work on iOS.
I have custom implementation of oAuth 1.0 and it was working OK before i’ve updated Ionic and switched to new WKWebView (and it still works OK on Android).

So this is correct flow of requests:

  1. GET Request to
  1. GET Request according received location to

But this is requests flow on iOS with WKWebView:

  1. GET Request to
  • Error: Cancelled
  1. GET Request to
  • Status: 200

So the first request is cancelled (is not sent), but i see the next request is sent after this (but i don’t send this in my app - i’m sure) - so it looks like redirect? Can’t understand what’s going on here.

FIY: Ionic version - 3.9.2. iOS Version - 11.2.

Hope somebody will help.

Regards, Nikolay


There is Set-Cookie header in server response, but i don’t see Cookie header in further requests in iOS App, although i see them in Android. May be this is the reason?

I have the same issue, it’s probably related to this problem.
The main issue is that the cookie isn’t stored when set-cookie is called.
Only after a force quit and restart, it works for some reason