Request External API SOAP whit ionic


Hello guys, i make app and a need request by method SOAP, but having problems…

Any idea ? (sorry for my english :confused: )


Take a look here, when on an actual device you shouldn’t have an issue but during testing using ionic serve you will need to use a service proxy.


Thanks for you help. I try this, but stil not working :confused:


If you are not using actual device, then you have to allow http://localhost:8100 from your server.


API that I’m using will have to give access to my localhost?


Yes. Which server are you using?


I want to use a payment API from a company called Superpay (like Paypal), so I do not have access to their server, so I can not do this configuration.


Then there must be some sort of authentication/parameters which you have to send as part of request headers that will allow to access their API. You can contact their support with your query,