Request.auth == null even though authenticated in firebase

Had to start a new project to debug a production issue. Suddenly basic collection reads fail on the firestore database:

FirebaseError: Missing or insufficient permissions.
    at new e (prebuilt-109c6673-0f51e182.js:188)
    at prebuilt-109c6673-0f51e182.js:10416
    at prebuilt-109c6673-0f51e182.js:10417
    at e.onMessage (prebuilt-109c6673-0f51e182.js:10439)
    at prebuilt-109c6673-0f51e182.js:10356
    at prebuilt-109c6673-0f51e182.js:10387
    at prebuilt-109c6673-0f51e182.js:15194
    at ZoneDelegate.invoke (zone.js:400)
    at (zone.js:160)
    at zone.js:1318

If I transplant the code for basic reads into a copy of the production app (full src folder swap), things work fine. App also works fine if you set full access to all users.

Any people experienced similar issues with starting from angular 12 app (and then ng add @angular/fire)? Old project is angular 11. More details already reported on firebase sdk given similarities with earlier issue.

I have run into this issue as well. I updated from capacitor 2 to 3 and then Angular 10 to 11 when it popped up. From your linked issue downgrading firebase to 8.3.0 has fixed it for me for now.

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I have run into this trouble as properly. I updated from capacitor 2 to a few after which Angular 10 to eleven while it popped up. Out of your linked problem downgrading firebase to eight.3.0 has constant it for me for now.