Replace gulp task with Ionic app scripts

Hi All,

I have a gulpfile.js with a default function and which accepts a argument. (for eg. gulp --country IN).
Gulp function takes that parameter name, copies some folders and files of the passed argument deletes them, modify json data and move it into some other folder. So basically, I used 3 gulp tasks (gulp-param, gulp-clean, gulp-json-modify).

And then after that I run ionic serve. I want to know if I can run ionic serve with a paramter or write a new command that runs the gulp code first (we can replace it with ionic app scripts) and then runs the ionic serve command.

In short, I want to run one command instead of 2 but still solves the purpose

If I understand correctly, then yes, it’s pretty simple. But be sure to read the best practices section here:

Do you have some examples or some code snippets of the same for me to start with?

You can probably just use &&, but here’s more discussion about replacing gulp scripts by npm scripts.