Reorder node not found - 2.2.0 - SOLVED

I’ve updated an app to Ionic 2.2.0 as per (update instructions) and I’m finding that reorder is not working and I’m getting this error in console when I click on the reorder hamburger…

reorder node not found
ItemReorderGesture.onDragStart @ item-reorder-gesture.js:37
PointerEvents.handleTouchStart @ pointer-events.js:34

I’m using reorderArray in this page if that makes a difference?

Any idea how to fix this?

I haven’t tried with a new app yet.

[EDIT] Created a new tutorial app, and it’s working there. Any suggestions for how to fix it in my existing app?

[SOLVED] I think this behaviour has changed with recent updates, because I am sure it worked previously??

My reorder request would fail if I also had ion-item-sliding enabled on the list.

For reorder to work with ion-item-sliding the following structure is needed…

  <ion-list reorder="true" >
    <ion-item-sliding *ngFor="let order of manifestService.deliveryList">
      <ion-item text-wrap>

i.e. The *ngFor must be on the ion-item-sliding which must come immediately after the <ion-list reorder=“true”

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