Renaming existing Ionic Pro apps

Is there a way to change the name of an existing Ionic Pro app without changing it’s ID?

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This should be straightforward, but I can’t find the option to rename apps either.

You can do this in the config by changing the <name>appname</name> attribute. Or does that not also change it in Ionic Pro?

That would make sense, but I have updated the name in both config.xml, package.json and ionic.config.json, committed and pushed to Ionic with no result.

I just tried setting up a project and changing its name myself but it does look like you can’t change it at all in the dashboard. You could try to contact Ionic support to see if they even plan on adding this.

Has anyone figured this out? I could just delete the existing app and recreate a new Ionic Pro app, but that seems a bit silly if there is an easier way. I see no way via the dashboard. :confused: