Removing ionic header bar single page

I’m creating a splash page and would like to remove the frameworks navigation/header bar that’s under the native status bar.

I’ve tried has-header=“false”, hide-nav-bar=“true”; but can’t seem to get anything working. There’s a of confusing and conflicting info for what I assume would be the simplest of things.

Thanks for any help.

<view title="splash">
    <content has-header="false" hide-nav-bar="true" padding="true" has-tabs="false">

Would adding ng-class="{'hide': splashVisible}" to the nav-bar, ng-class="{'has-header': !splashVisible}" to the content tag and $scope.splashVisible = true; to the controller do it?

Removing hide-nav-bar=“true” from the content tag and putting it in the view tag worked for me.