Remove iPad Support from project (only support phones)

When submitting an app to the app store I uploaded the iPhone 6 screenshots but received the following message preventing me from submitting:

Your binary indicates support for iPad. You must provide an iPad screenshot.

At no point did I explicitly add iPad support so I’m not sure where this is coming from.
My guess is that its either standard in cordova OR by using ionic resources, this generates ipad resources.

I don’t really want my app available for download on iPad’s, its really meant for phones and isnt optimized for tablets (yet). I’d like to restrict my app to only Phones, is this possible?

Found a temporary workaround.
In Xcode, select iPhone in General page > Deployment Info

This isn’t an ideal solution because anytime you add ios platform or another dev on your team builds the .ipa, this setting will get reset. Would be nice if there was a way to specify this in config.xml

You should be able to add the following to the config.xml:

<preference name="target-device" value="handset" />

See the Cordova docs for more info:


@brandyshea perfect! exactly what I was looking for. and it works too! even better :joy:

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Hi, Sakotturi

I’m trying to do the same as you (remove support to ipads).

<preference name="target-device" value="handset" />

That configuration works for you in want cordova-ios version?

Thank you

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@highercomve I believe I was running 3.9.2 at the time

How to set it in package.json?

Highly doubt that can be set in package.json.

Is there a solution atm? My version is ipad though i put in handset?