Remove hashbangs from routing?


Is there support for $locationProvider.html5Mode(true); ?

Hashbangs are ugly :smile:


I agree, any response here?


+1 I would also like to see this. I tried using html5Mode but it doesn’t seem to work with Ionic.


I used ui-router for a web application with html5Mode, and it needs server side configuration:

More precisely:

When you have html5Mode enabled, the # character will no longer be used in your urls. The # symbol is useful because it requires no server side configuration. Without #, the url looks much nicer, but it also requires server side rewrites.

Hashbangs are ugly but when do you display them to the user. To me the state URL are behind the scene and not seen by the user.


@sydney Right the server conf is like 3 lines. I think were just looking for support for the option here is all.

And behind the scenes? Perhaps for iOS/Android apps but not for web apps.


Any updates on this?


Any changes in the new release on Ionic yet? Hope to see html5mode working with ionic CLI commands too.


+1 For me it’s also important!


+1 from me too a good to have thing :+1: