Reload data for different routes but same component

How can I reload component when route is changed but the route is same?

I don’t have :key params on ion-router-outlet so I can’t reload data in my component when I click on button that point to the same component but with different id:

Component: Profile





are we supposed to provide a suggestion by just looking at screenshots? I a little bit of code goes a long way!!

There are 2 components Parent (App.vue) → Child (Profile.vue)

Url: /profile/60322956c35f3018e17093b5

From App.vue, i search an user from searchbar and I click on one of the result:

The click calls goToPage function in App.vue

goToPage(id, type) {
      this.$router.push({name: nameCapitalized, params: {id: id}})



It seems that it doesn’t refresh data because I call an already mounted component (Profile.Vue) and does not understand that I need to load another profile.


  created() {

you should watch for changes in the id and reload the data in the page… would need to see more code to provide additional insight… maybe use a computed property to render the updates