Regular background activity


Is there a way to run some sort of background service (no UI), always running and surviving phone reboot?

In detail, I need my solution to be always listening to BLE advertising from other devices and, when a specific message is received, the app UI is shown.

Thanks in advance

Probably Capacitor’s new Background plugin? - Background Runner Capacitor Plugin API | Capacitor Documentation

You’re welcome for the suggestion.

I took a look at the plugin, but it seems to allow running a function in the background only after the app has been opened. In my case, I would need to execute this function at system startup, even before the app is manually opened.

I’m trying to understand if it’s possible to do something similar with IONIC.
I would need a sort of service that works periodically and, under certain conditions, opens the app.

You need to create your own custom bg plugin utilizing capacitor. there is no out of the box solution for what you’re asking.

OK, sad news for me…
Thanks for the help!