Redirect React does not working

The problem I have is that redirect does not load the page. It is not the same as using navigate in react router dom

if a do:

     return ( <Redirect push={true} to="/dashboard"/>)

it does loads the url but not the component, so the component doesn’t appear, until the browser is refreshed (manually)

This is the App.tsx (with just 2 components to make it easy to show you)

      <IonSplitPane contentId="main" when="(min-width: 4096px)">
            <Menu setIsReg={setIsReg} />
        <IonRouterOutlet id="main">
          <Route path="/tab2" component={Tab2} exact={true} />
          <Route path="/dashboard" component={dashboard} exact={true} />

But in react router dom there is not this issue, whit this (for example) :

          <Navigate to="/dashboard" replace={true} />

And in App.tsx, with this:

 return (
        <Route path="/" exact component={SignIn} />
        <Route path="/dashboard" component={Dashboard} isPrivate />

It’s runs ok.