Redirect back to a specific page in app from an external url opened with capacitor Browser

Hi guys,
I would like to know if someone has experience (or link to docs) to redirect back to a specific url in the app from an external url opened with the Browser of @capacitor/browser.

Basically I have an external checkout so when I click the checkout button in the app it opens the checkout in the app browser and after the payment I would like to be redirected into the thank you page of the app.

Any advice is precious!

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I am searching the same solution.
Anybody help to that?

Same issue, Anyone know how to do this will be appreciated.

capacitor browser provide eventlistner to listen to browser open and browser close events but cordova provides more better way to listen the events at the time of browsing and will listen to the request fired by browser ass well. here is the reff to use cordova in app browser.