Recommended method for debugging apps


I’m just digging into all this for the first time, so bare with me. I’m using the Cordova SQLite Storage adapter as I want to be able to perform aggregations on the data without pulling everything into memory.

What puzzles me, though, is that up to this point I could just do ionic serve and what showed up in the browser was as reliable as what appeared on my device. After adding sqlite, however, it’s unable to open the database. And even if I used window.openDatabase, I doubt the adapter and native browser database would have the same interface (?).

It’s a real drag to have to build the app, open it in xcode, and run the simulator again. So slow! I’m quite sure I’m just new to this and therefore don’t know the recommended method of debugging. I’ve tried ionic emulate -cl ios but it seems very buggy, often not even starting the simulator, and when it does I’ve never seen the console work. But that’s probably a tangent.

I’m very interested to hear how others are successfully debugging their apps in a quick and efficient way.

Thanks!! :slight_smile: