Read serial com port


First of all I want to apologize for my basic knowledge. I’m a begginer.
I want to create an app for a professional device that runs under Android. This device has a barcode reader incorporated which I suppose is using an internal com port. Using an APK that I have found in internet (Android-Serial-Port API) I have detected that uses /dev/ttyMT1 (mtk-uart) port.
Could you help me how I can read the input data of this port?

Thanks in advance

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Were you able to get this working?

I think the Ionic forum is not realy the place-to-go to find answers for custom serial communication implementaions.
Anyways, I think you are looking in the wrong direction…

I’ve never done this particular application, but on a RaspPi I do these things sometimes.

If you would do a google search on “javascript access hardware” you will find

So node.js. is our go-to tool.

You would need to have full control of the device though, to install node.js on your android.

Try this approach and see if you can get it going…
Good luck

Not OP, but was also looking to implement serial communication on the Ionic Framework. I ended up using an existing Cordova Plugin, Cordovarduino.

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I didn’t know about it’s existence…
Great though, it may make my life easier to include ionic on my IoT devices.

Thanks for sharing!!

I have some problem. I want to read /dev/ttyMT1 (mtk-uart) port. In android device to serial port brodcast barcode data and another.