Read data from NFC type V


i need to read data from a device and when i run the code from NFC example :

import { NFC, Ndef } from '@ionic-native/nfc';

constructor(private nfc: NFC, private ndef: Ndef) { }


this.nfc.addNdefFormatableListener(() => {
        const successMessage = 'successfully attached tag listener';

      }, (err) => {
        const errorMessage = 'error attaching tag listener';

        this.setStatus(`${errorMessage}: ${err}`);
      }).subscribe((event) => {
        this.tag = event.tag;
        this.decodedTagId = this.nfc.bytesToHexString(;
        console.log('received tag message. the tag contains: ', this.tag);
        console.log('decoded tag id', this.decodedTagId);


i get only the id and the techTypes: NfcV and NdefFormatable.

How do i read he data from the device ?