[React] Change active IonTabButton with external buttons

I have this following situation:

-The component contains 6 IonTabs, the first IonTabButton is hidden, and its tab appears when component render (acting like a main screen).

-The other IonTabs can navigate normally clicking in your respective buttons, and each IonTab (rendering other components) has a button to return to the “main screen” ( first IonTab ).

The problem is:

When I click in return button and use < Redirect to="/main" />, only the prop “current-path” change and “selected-tab” remains with clicked IonTabButton value. How can I solve this?

IonTabBar example in DOM:

< ion-tab-bar slot=“bottom” current-path="/main" selected-tab=“dashboard” role=“tablist” class=“md hydrated”></ ion-tab-bar >