Rc5 poor android 6.0 performance

I must say that i love ionic2 but there are a couple of things i noticed:

  • my app used to load with v1 in less then 2 seconds now it takes 7 seconds or more, i had to add in config.xml a timeout settings;
  • on android 6 transistion are troublesome, back or swipe back have ugly stuck animations
  • button sometimes wait half second before to trigger the transition

I don’t have any big list… i got problem with transition from a welcome screen to a register form and doing forth and back a few times.

Lets hope things will grow better :slight_smile:

How are you building the app? With the --prod flag?

Yes, after trying the normal version i did a cordova clean
then i built with: ionic run android --prod --device
and also with: ionic run android --prod --aot --device

I’m now trying to add Xwalk to see if it solves the problem or not.

I think that the problem is that i’m using ios-transitions mode in android too
maybe those transition are too complicated and have not been optimized for android
however its a mess that they created 3 different GUIs for the same app